Activities to make your baby's first Christmas special

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from the team at Niki’s Natural Wipes! Your child’s first Christmas is a special time. While they may still be too young to understand what this day means, here are a few ways you can make it a valuable and memorable time for them. You’ll also start unique and meaningful family Christmas traditions that you can continue as they grow older.

1. Capture The Moment

Taking a yearly photo with the entire family is a fantastic way to document the growth of your child and your family. Make it extra special by taking it around Christmas time. Here are a few ideas to capture an adorable family photo and make precious memories whilst you do it.

  • Take a family trip to see the Christmas decorations and lights around your city and take a photo in front of your favourite ones. Soaking in the Christmas spirit and atmosphere in your city will also become an experience to look forward to each year.
  • Christmas sweaters are an age-old tradition in Europe, where they were hand knitted to keep family members warm during the winter months. Now you can start your own version of this tradition. If knitting isn’t your thing, you can easily buy a set of matching Christmas pyjamas or Christmas themed t-shirts for your whole family. It’ll look super cute in photos!

2. Spread The Love

Christmas is a time of giving – we give gifts to our friends and families and enjoy receiving gifts ourselves. Why not extend the practice of giving to members of our community who are going through a tough time?

While your child is still an infant, you can practice the spirit of giving by donating their least favourite/unwanted toys to charity shops or shelters. You can also donate clothing that your child has outgrown, there’s guaranteed to be a kid out there who needs it! Just ensure that the items you are donating are clean and in good condition.

This is a great method of establishing positive social values in your family. As your kids get older, you can start sign up to volunteer together at soup kitchens and other social welfare services and organisations.

3. Make Your Home Merry

Nothing represents Christmas more than a Christmas tree, wreaths, mistletoe or a string of fairy lights. While you can go out to buy Christmas decorations for your home, making them yourself can also be a fun activity for the whole family.

You can decorate Christmas baubles or make Christmas cards to send your well wishes to your loved ones.

Opt for designs that utilise fingerprints, handprints or footprints, so you child can explore their creative side, and you can have a meaningful gift to share with your family & friends. For the safety of your child, make sure that you are using non-toxic and washable paints and materials.

No matter what you get up to this Christmas season, we hope you enjoy the time spent with your little one.

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