Niki was born a happy and healthy baby until out of the blue, he suffered a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and was hospitalised.

Overcoming this condition, Niki's parents grew increasingly concerned about how often he would experience nappy rash and whether this would lead to another serious infection and hospitalisation.

With backgrounds in healthcare, science and technology, they spent many long nights researching organic substances that might be able to moisturise, soothe and prevent viral, bacterial infections from affecting their son.

After many late nights and months of testing, they stumbled on a unique combination of organic ingredients that when applied to baby wipes saw Niki never experience nappy rash again. With friends and family using the wipes and constantly asking for more, Niki's parents decided that they wanted to share this secret solution with the world.

Niki's was created out of the desperation of two parents wanting to alleviate the pain that their new born infant was suffering from, with a natural solution.

Niki's Natural Wipes are the world's only natural baby wipes infused with organic Coconut Oil and Manuka Honey essence.